The relationships we have with our suppliers are critical to the success of our business. How we engage and collaborate with our partners is governed by our Supplier Management programme – one of the key ways in which we build strong relationships, creating greater value, increasing innovation and improving efficiency.

From initial engagement with a supplier through to ongoing compliance and performance management, our approach to Supplier Management contains a variety of processes spanning multiple disciplines. 

All of our suppliers are required to complete our detailed qualification process to guarantee that they meet our business requirements and expectations, including complying with the Atozwholesale policies and requirements defined in the Atozwholesale Code of Conduct.

Once a supplier has been welcomed into the Atozwholesale Supply Chain, we continually work with them to identify and deliver world classperformance through collaboration and prioritisation by defining clear expectations.

Our suppliers are continually evaluated by a series of assessments across our local markets and group functions.  We evaluate suppliers againstten core performance pillars to underpin our goal of supplier performance excellence. Even with all the focus on continuous improvement, we don’t lose our focus on risk management. Through our general risk assessments and supplier self-assessments we identify high-risk suppliers who are then scheduled for a more detailed audit and follow up. We also require suppliers to reaffirm their commitment to complying with the Atozwholesale policies and requirements, as defined in the Atozwholesale Code of Conduct, every one year.